TV Sets Redefined


Groov’n Graphx in partnership with Meteorito Design and Greenlight are taking a new approach to TV sets and Sceneries. The industry is used to work with heavy materials such as wood and metal to simulate an ambient. We see cardboard (Falconboard) as an option to keep in mind when designing such enviroments. Benefits such as the lightweight of the material, the ability to send everything flat in boxes, no more trucks or large teams to put everything together.

Our art director gave us a challenge to see how fast can we change the set and make it unique by flipping the walls and showing new textures and layouts. People present at the event where surprised by how fast and easy it was to get everything done…10 min that’s all it took to change the set, a process that will take usually hours and a large group of carpenters and technicians to get done using wood and metal.

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