Terms & Conditions

  1. Products designed and/or manufactured by Groov’n Graphx (GNGX) are primarily made from paper-derived materials, therefore they are intended for temporary indoor use. Re-usability of The Products is possible as long as The Client handles the material carefully during assembly, use and dismantling. For extended durability we offer options such as lamination (plastic gloss/matte adhesive film) to be applied to some or all surfaces and clear polycarbonate/acrylic covers for table/counter tops. Additional charges apply.
  1. The Product can be used to a limited extent in outdoor environments. The specific conditions of use must be communicated to GNGX by The Client in a timely manner during the price estimation process to evaluate the feasibility of the project and, thus, consider additional preparation and protection with the corresponding fees. GNGX will not be responsible for partial or total damage due to extreme weather conditions. Outdoor installations are the exclusive responsibility of the client.
  1. The customer is responsible for verifying and provide reasonable basic conditions in the location where The Product will be installed. This includes but is not limited to flat/dry floors, sufficient space for material handling, and adequate access to the site.
  1. The Product pricing includes printing unless otherwise specified. Printing consists of high- resolution graphics printed directly onto the substrates to be part of The Product (including connectors when necessary) or as specified in each quote. Prices are not associated to the total printed area. The Client is required to submit high-resolution graphics to manufacture The Product in accordance with the Artwork Instructions provided by GNGX. For this purpose, GNGX will provide The Client with a set of templates so that The Client can generate the corresponding graphics. In case graphic design work is required, The Client will be billed at the standard rate ($100/ hour. Minimum charge: 1/2 hour). Pre‐press fees do not apply to re‐prints.
  1. Detailed visuals of the finished product such as 3D renders are not included in the price unless otherwise specified in the quote (fees will apply). In some projects, GNGX may charge a retainer to create a visual proposal. Approval of these visuals must be in writing and is final. Any modification after this approval will be subject to additional charges. The retainer is non-refundable.
  1. The Product is designed to be assembled by The Client itself (“do-it-yourself”) so installation services are not included. GNGX will provide assembly instructions and/or visual means as well as markings on components for easy identification. The Client is responsible for carefully following the guidelines offered by GNGX for the correct installation of The Product. Some small items such as POP Displays may come pre‐assembled, and it will be specified in the Sale Quote/Invoice.
  1. Products that include lights will come pre-wired to the extent possible and connections will be marked with labels. Although the connections of the wires are fairly simple, it is recommended to have a certified electrician on site to avoid any electric shock hazard or fire due to a wrong or improper connection. Important: If the electrical connections are found broken or loose due to handling during transportation or assembly, please contact GNGX for support. The Client is also responsible for providing an adequate power source and/or necessary extension cords and/or power strips no more than 3 feet away from The Product.
  1. Standard packaging of The Product consists of plastic shrink wrap (small items) or cardboard boxes (large products). Cardboard boxes are 4′ x 8′ x 7″ and are mostly used for packaging trade show booths, photo booths and other large structures. These boxes cannot be shipped via standard UPS/FEDEX (or other carriers) packaging services but commercial (truck) freight. In this case, special packing will be required, including a wooden pallet. The standard packing fee is $95 ($135 for projects requiring 10’ sheets). All shipping instructions must be provided by the customer at the time of placing the order. Changes in shipping instructions after the order is received may result in additional costs.
  1. Standard delivery terms for The Product are pickup. GNGX will provide information on measurements and weight of the package so that The Client can contract transportation services of their choice. If The Client does not have a shipper, GNGX can provide a separate freight quote via an independent transportation company. Transit time from GNGX to the final destination of The Product must be taken into account by the Client. GNGX is not liable in any way or under any circumstances for delays on the part of the carrier beyond the control of GNGX as well as damage(s) caused to The Product during transportation. Replacement of damaged parts and/or additional transportation costs will be billed to The Client at the regular fees. In case The Product is damaged during transportation by a carrier contracted by GNGX, GNGX will make a claim and will reimburse The Client once the claim is settled.
  1. The Client is responsible for verifying the rules and regulations of the event’s venue (convention center, hotel, etc.) regarding maximum heights allowed, setbacks, installation dates/hours, venue access and any other guidelines pertaining to the handling and installation of The Product. This information must be submitted to GNGX in a timely manner so The Product can be priced and manufactured accordingly.
  1. Payment terms are prepaid for orders less than $500. For orders over $500, GNGX requires a 50% deposit with quote acceptance and 50% prior to shipment. Major credit cards are accepted. Order cancellations are subject to a cancellation fee. Important: Payments are considered received once they are cleared in the GNGX bank account. To process an order, including the creation of templates and cutting files, GNGX requires acceptance by the Client of a formal written quote (together with a purchase order in some cases) and payment of 50% deposit.
  1. Production time of The Product will depend on the size and complexity of the project but typically takes between 1-3 weeks from the time the artwork is received in the requested format. Large projects may require more time so it will be specified in the Sales Quote. Rush orders are available upon request and depending on the workload (fees apply). Orders are taken on a first come first served basis.
  1. Some small items such as boxes and POP displays will require the production of a Prototype to make sure The Product meets The Client’s expectations. In this case, a one‐time fee will be charged, and amount will depend on the type and complexity of The Product.
  1. The Product’s structural design (production files) existing or created by GNGX belong entirely to GNGX and are not part of the finished product purchased by the Client. GNGX retains the intellectual rights of those designs so it’s free to use them in any other project without limitations. This does not include graphic material provided by The Client. Production files are available for purchase upon request.
  1. The client gives consent to GNGX to use images of the project as an example for its product portfolio, sales presentations, marketing campaigns and/or communications via the web or social networks, unless otherwise specified explicitly by the Client. This does not apply to projects developed through agencies or resellers. In this case, explicit authorization will be required from GNGX.
  1. GNGX offers a sustainable alternative to the market and, therefore, seeks to use the highest percentage of environmentally friendly materials and components, the main ones being:

Falconboard® is a rigid substrate made of structural honeycomb and covered with thick paper sheets on both sides. The finish can be white/kraft on the faces and white/kraft in the center. Some designs may show bare edges (when edge trim is not possible to use). Falconboard® contains a percentage of recycled materials, it is recyclable and counts with SFI and SFC Certifications.

Eco‐Board® is a corrugated paper‐based cardboard made from 70% recycled paper and is recyclable. The standard finish is white or kraft on the faces and kraft in the center. Eco‐Board® has SFI and SFC Certifications.

Important: The materials described above are not Fire Retardant. If the Client requires the materials to be rated as fire retardant, notify GNGX to obtain a solution via independent agencies.

GNGX uses high resolution 4 color digital printing with LED UV curing inks technology going directly to the substrate (direct print). Our inks have the Green Guard Certification.