Groov’n Graphx recently launched SaniStop®, a line of products focused on helping organizations as well as individuals fight the spread of COVID-19. The product line starts with the Sanitation Tables which can be placed in the entrance of a house, office, etc., to organize sanitation products, store shoes and discard waste before entering.

For public spaces such as shopping malls, schools and public buildings, SaniStop® offers the widest range of products like the Sanitation Booth and the Sanitation Module. These will guide all visitors through a sanitation process before entering the building.  They are modular, and you can customize them by adding more sanitation stations and high resolution graphics. One the simplest but more requested items is the Freestanding Floor Divider which is a custom shaped panel that can be easily placed between chairs and stools in a bar, restaurant or any other place that will require social distancing.

Other interesting products are the temporary Working Spaces which are small cubicles that will provide privacy during work at home or any other open space. The majority of  SaniStop® products are made of ½” strong recyclable paper board material (Falconboard®) laminated with clear film to provide additional protection and facilitate cleaning with standard cleaning solutions. For more information please visit GNGX STORE.

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