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Hexacomb Falconboard Hexacomb Falconboard (USA) is a rigid graphic display board made from reusable, renewable and 100% recyclable honeycomb material consisting in SFI certified, natural kraft core with white clay-coated or natural linerboard facings. Produced with up to 20% chlorofluorocarbon-free recycled paper content, Falconboard emits less than 1% volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These characteristics make it an excellent “green” alternative to traditional synthetic rigid substrates keeping the quality capabilities required for wide format digital printing. Features:
  • 100% Eco-Friendly, all natural, renewable virgin and post-consumer recycled fibers.
  • Free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and chlorofluorocarbon.
  • Ideal for high resolution digital direct printing (UV inks).
  • Compatible with most silk-screen inks and self-adhesive media.
  • Super strong clay-coated surfaces provide bright colors, no “read-through”, no topography in images.
  • Exceptionally rigid and lightweight. Save on shipping costs.
  • Durable, scratch and warp resistant.
  • Compression strength = 70 lbs. per sq. inch.
  • Standard thicknesses from 1/4” to 2”.
  • Standard sheet size: 48” x 96” (48” x 88” for Export).
  • Economical and Ecological alternative to PVC, polystyrene (PS), acrylic, wood, MDF and drywall.
  • Easy to cut with manual and digital cutters.
  • Heavy-duty box packaging avoids material damage during transportation, minimize waste.
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